Data for Democracy Lab

The Data for Democracy Lab is an initiative to promote the use of data science for the common good. In contrast to growing concerns that data science is deployed against citizens, we aspire to a data science that is educative, working to ensure more people have access to the power of data, that is inclusive, emphasizing the value of diverse perspectives, experiences, and knowledge, and that is open, revealing the methods, models, and limits to all and allowing others to adapt, improve, or apply the work.

Our inaugural efforts include the Public Presidency Project and the Public Interest Data Lab.

  • The¬†Public Presidency project¬†works with political news data using computational text analysis to imagine and develop new ways for the public to engage political information in an increasingly complex and polarized information environment.
  • The Public Interest Data Lab, a for-credit lab taught through the Data Science Institute, has been working on a pilot project for the Charlottesville Department of Social Services.