We offer consultations, collaborations, and training in support of data science, applied statistics, and scientific computing, including data wrangling and cleaning, analysis and visualization, statistical inference and computational methods, reproducibility and open science. We can assist with study design and statistical planning for grant proposals, help with data visualization and presentation, consult on the choice and application of statistical methods, aid in understanding and interpreting statistical analysis, and more.

Consultations are free to the University of Virginia research community. To set up an appointment (typically 1 hour), email us at To help us make the best use of our time, please describe your overall research goals and any specific questions you have. Keep in mind that it can take several meetings to completely address many questions. We want to provide the best possible help and this often requires some time to ponder on our own.

Staff expertise encompasses open source programming languages like R and Python; statistical environments like Stata, SPSS, SAS; scientific computing technologies like Unix, Github, and Overleaf; visualization software  (Tableau), and software for qualitative data (Dedoose). We can help with data collection via web scraping and APIs in R and Python and working with structured and unstructured (e.g., text) data.


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