Spring 2018 Data Science Short Courses

The Library’s Research Data Services is offering a 1-credit data science course in Spring 2018 through the Data Science Institute: Data Wrangling in Python and the Public Interest Data Lab. Open to all, these courses are designed to provide short, guided training and practice on relevant data science skills.

DS 6501 Data Wrangling in Python (1 credit, meets the first five weeks of the semester)
Pete Alonzi
T,R 2:00-3:15 from 1/18/2018-2/20/2018
Dell 2 100

The goal of this class is to make the skills of data wrangling in Python familiar and easy to use. We’ll cover data cleaning and data manipulation in Python, including reading and writing data, the Pandas library for cleaning, transforming, merging, reshaping, and data aggregation, and the matplotlib library for plotting.

DS 5559 Public Interest Data Lab (1 credit, meets the first ten weeks of the semester)
Michele Claibourn
F 12:00-2:00 from 1/19/2018-3/30/2018
Brown Library

The lab course will provide experience working collaboratively, openly, and reproducibly on data science projects organized by the lab director — for example, working with local agencies to understand their data and improve processes. The goal is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their data skills and to gain experience working as a team on a joint project while promoting social good. See the SIS entry for information about the Spring 2018 project.

To register search for Subject “DS” and the Course Number in SIS.