Ricky Patterson

Ricky has been working as a researcher for 25 years, primarily in the Department of Astronomy. He has experience with both historical data sets (in particular, the astronomical photographic plate collection of McCormick Observatory, including the associated metadata), and modern astronomical imaging and spectroscopic datasets. Ricky has extensive experience at UVa in funded research (proposing, administering, conducting, publishing and reporting), scientific methods (data analysis), programming with both general and discipline-specific tools, system administration within a work group and at a departmental level, storage environments/systems, data sharing and archiving, research documentation (from 19th century observing notes to electronic data acquisition and reduction logs). He is working as a part-time consultant with the team while continuing as a researcher in astronomy. He has a BA in Astronomy and Physics, a MA in Astronomy, and a PhD in Astronomy.

Areas of focus:  funded research and implementation of research data management plans.