What is Stata?

Stata is an advanced, fully programmable statistical package with complete statistical, graphical, and data-management capabilities.

Getting Stata

UVa participates in Stata Corporation Campus GradPlan.  Under this program Stata software is purchased online and ships directly to you.  For details and ordering, see

Stata Intercooled, version 15, is also available on the Hive. Students may also access this program in computers within the libraries.

Please note: The University owns 50 concurrent users. These apply to both computer labs AND The Hive usage. Users trying to access Stata may experience waiting periods for a license to open. The Stata GradPlan provides some very inexpensive options to have Stata on your own computer. You may either purchase a copy or even rent a copy for 6 months or a year.

Adding User-Contributed Packages While Using the Hive

The Stata user community has written many additional packages that can be added to Stata. To use these functions with Stata on the Hive:

1) Log into the hive and open StataIC 13.
2) Type in the following commands:

mkdir Stata13
cd "J:\Stata13"
mkdir ado
sysdir set PERSONAL "J:\Stata13\ado"
net set ado PERSONAL

3) Then to search and install different packages type the following, replacing “packagename” with the package you wish to add:

net search packagename

4) Click on the link to the package you would like to install.
5) A window will pop up, click “install package”.
6) Each time StataIC 13 is reopened on the Hive, the user must tell Stata how to access the previously installed packages by typing:

sysdir set PERSONAL "J:\Stata13\ado"