IMPORTANT NOTE: We are asking you to update your software due to the recent log4j vulnerability. However, IBM released a new version ( It was added to the UVA Software Gateway on February 11, 2022.

 It is extremely important that you update your SPSS software to version immediately to keep your device(s) protected. This is the only version of SPSS now considered to be safe from log4j vulnerabilities.

See SPSS on the UVA Software Gateway to download the appropriate software for your operating system. 

If you have any questions about updating your SPSS software, please contact it-swlicense@virginia.edu.  Questions about installation and use may be answered at https://data.library.virginia.edu/research-software/spss/.

IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) is a very popular statistical package with an intuitive Graphical User Interface. It is available for both Windows and Mac, and it comes with two different versions:

  • Teaching & Research (T&R) version or Administration (Admin) version
    • Teaching & Research (T&R) can be used by students, faculty and staff for coursework, classroom instruction, and academic (noncommercial) research. Most normal researchers and students qualify for this version. This is a standalone installation.
    • Administration (Admin) is limited to faculty and staff executing the business of the university. Admin users must connect to a license server to check out a license to use SPSS every 3 days.

SPSS may be licensed by all faculty, staff, and students of UVa for use on computers in the Charlottesville area.

SPSS Availability

UVa faculty, staff, and students may install SPSS on their own computers. SPSS may also be used by students on Remote Desktop. To obtain SPSS go to the UVa Software Gateway and select SPSS. Click on the “Get from UVa Software” link on the expanded menu, and this will take you to UVa Software, the software WebStore.

Teaching & Research Modules Available

UVa has the following modules site licensed for T & R versions of Windows and Mac:

  • IBM SPSS Statistics Base
  • IBM SPSS Advanced Statistics
  • IBM SPSS Bootstrapping
  • IBM SPSS Categories
  • IBM SPSS Complex Samples
  • IBM SPSS Conjoint
  • IBM SPSS Custom Tables
  • IBM SPSS Data Preparation
  • IBM SPSS Decision Trees
  • IBM SPSS Direct Marketing
  • IBM SPSS Exact Tests
  • IBM SPSS Forecasting
  • IBM SPSS Missing Values
  • IBM SPSS Neural Networks
  • IBM SPSS Regression
  • IBM SPSS Amos
  • IBM SPSS SamplePower
  • IBM SPSS Visualization Designer

Installation Instructions for Teaching & Research (T & R)

You must be connected to the Internet to successfully obtain a license file from SPSS to register the program. Failure to use the License Authorization Wizard will result in a license file that expires in 2 weeks. You will receive a 20 character authorization code on your Order Summary. If you have a server defined on your Order Summary, you have ordered the Admin version.

New Install

  1. Save the UVa Authorization code  provided to you on the Downloads page in a location you can find. The code has 20 characters.
  2. Locate the  file you downloaded from the UVa Software site.
  3. Browse to the file setup.exe file and click it. If it fails to open, browse to IBM SPSS Statistics xx.msi to install SPSS. On Mac. the .dmg will open to the SPSS Installer.
  4. Make sure you choose Authorized User License.
  5. When the install completes, make sure you are connected to the Internet and go to Start>Programs>IBM SPSS Statistics>License Authorization Wizard. On Mac go to IBM>SPSS>Statistics>Version>License Authorization Wizard.
  6. When prompted, enter in the UVa Authorization code, which is 20 characters and digits in length.
  7. Select the first choice, “Authorized User License.”
  8. Follow the remaining prompts to complete the software installation.



In order to renew an installation of SPSS, you will need to run the “License Authorization Wizard” and use the authorization code displayed on the UVa Software Receipt Order screen. Please read and follow these directions carefully.

  1. In your Start menu go to Start>Programs>IBM SPSS Statistics>License Authorization Wizard.
  2. On the window that opens titled Licensing Authorization Wizard, click Start.
  3. Select the option Use Authorization via Internet to get License and click Next.
  4. When prompted, enter in the UVa Authorization code, which is 20 characters and digits in length and can be found on your receipt in small RED characters. You select the first choice, “Authorized User License”.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Wait while the Wizard communicates with SPSS. When it completes, you will need to click Finish.

Installation Instructions for (Administration)

You must be connected to the Internet in order to get a license from the Server to run this version of SPSS. If you cannot work online, you may check out a commuter license from the Commuter License Utility to work unconnected to the Internet.

New Install

  1. Windows: Locate the zip file you downloaded from the UVa Software site.
  2. Mac users: Open the .dmg to start the Installer.
  3. Windows: UNZIP the .zip file to a folder and then extract the files on your computer to a folder location that you can find later for installation.
  4. Mac users: Click to start the Installer.
  5. Windows: After unzipping the file and extracting all of the files, browse to the file setup.exe, double-click it and it will start installing.
  6. Mac users: Select the default locations for installation
  7. When the splash screen shows the two licensing options, select the Network or Concurrent Option.
  8. A new screen will ask you to define a server. The University’s SPSS site license server can be found in the “Order Receipt” in your email inbox that you should have already received upon your order.

Questions? Email res-consult@virginia.edu.


Last updated: 10/26/21