What is ShareLaTeX?

ShareLaTeX is an easy-to-use online LaTeX editor. It requires no installation, and allows real-time collaborative editing of a document, with version control. ShareLaTeX provides hundreds of templates for documents, and an extensive collection of LaTeX tutorials.

The UVa Library has purchased a group license for ShareLaTeX, available to anyone with a email address (you will be prompted to join the license when you register for an account). This license gives access to the features of a Pro account, including:

  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Document history and track changes
  • Sync to Dropbox and github
  • Mendeley integration
  • Up to 1000 files per project, and an unlimited number of projects.

To sign up for ShareLaTeX, just visit the webpage ( If you already have an individual account, with a email address, you will be prompted to join the group license the next time you log in.

Please contact Ricky Patterson ( if you have any questions about UVa’s license for ShareLaTeX.