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UVa has historically had an annual bulk license agreement with QSR International, publisher of NVivo. Going forward as of July 2015, UVa is not renewing the license agreement we have with with QSR International. All annual licenses of NVivo purchased through UVa will expire on October 31, 2015.

What now?

Qualitative researchers have a choice of software available to choose from in this space.


Dedoose, a web-based qualitative analysis package has been registered as a UVa vendor.

NOTE: UVa users who purchase Dedoose via PO or P-Card can bypass Dedoose’s standard Terms and Conditions as our contract supercedes these and adheres to University Data Protection Standards.  For this reason a personal Credit Card is not an acceptable method of purchase.

Faculty and Staff: Dedoose can be ordered through the UVa Marketplace where the vendor is listed as SocioCultural Research Consultants, LLC. You must have PO Purchaser responsibilities in the Integrated System to peruse the Marketplace offerings, which can be found on the Integrated System website. Detailed instructions on how to find Dedoose in the UVa Marketplace can be found here.

Faculty and staff may also purchase Dedoose using a department Purchasing Card (P-Card) and going through Dedoose directly.

Students: Students may purchase Dedoose using a credit card directly at the Dedoose web site.

Please note: ITS and Research Data Services are not offering any support for Dedoose at this time.


NVivo may still be purchased by users here at UVa, but will not be supported by ITS and Research Data Services.

Faculty and Staff: NVivo is available directly from QSR International. Instructions may be found at the QSR “How to purchase” page. Current pricing is as follows:

NVivo 12

  • Full License: $849

NVivo for Mac 12

  • Full License: $650

NVivo 12 Student (12 month time limited)- no discounts: $99

Questions? Email res-consult@virginia.edu.


Last updated: 10/26/21