Minitab Express for Mac OS

What is Minitab Express?

Minitab Express for Mac OS is a lightweight and intuitive statistics package that allows Mac users to use a range of Minitab tools for introductory statistics native on their Mac. Since Minitab Express emphasizes introductory statistics, it has a more focused range of tools than Minitab for Windows.

Minitab Express Availability

Minitab Express is available for Mac OS and is for use by UVa faculty and students either on- and/or off-Grounds on either UVa-owned and/or personally-owned computers. Staff may only install Minitab on University-owned computers. Users may download Minitab Express from the UVa Software Gateway.

Alternatively, Minitab for Windows (full version) is available through the UVa Hive’s suite of virtualized software. Students may also access this program in computers within the libraries.

Minitab Express Installation

Download Minitab Express from the UVa Software Gateway. Run the package file to begin the setup process and follow the prompts. For step-by-step instructions, please see our installation and licensing guide:

If you have any questions or issues about Minitab Express for Mac OS, please email