Mathematica for Students

Mathematica Availability for Students

New purchases of Mathematica

Students at UVa must make a one time purchase of Mathematica from UVa Bookstore Textbook Division for installation on their personal computers. Students may use their copy of Mathematica as long as they are affiliated with UVa as students. When students leave UVa they must delete their Mathematica as the license is intended to only be used by active students during their time at UVa.

Renewal of License for previously purchased Mathematica

Student copies of Mathematica will require the student to obtain a new activation code every July directly from Wolfram to continue operation of their standalone copy. After the student has created a personal Wolfram account during their initial registration, the new activation code can be obtained through their Wolfram account during their time as a student at UVa.

Transferring a Mathematica License from one computer to another computer

Mathematica license owners can transfer their license to a new computer if their original computer gets replaced, or the motherboard on the same computer is replaced.  To do this users need to request that Wolfram reset their Mathematica activation key by completing this form at WolframOnce the form is submitted the user should be able to reactivate their license on their new computer.

Other ways for students to use Mathematica at UVa

Mathematica is also available to students via the Hive virtual environment and in the computers within the libraries.

Mathematica Student to Professional Upgrade Offer

Graduating UVA students who accept faculty or researcher positions at any institution of higher education, or who move on to government or commercial endeavors, can upgrade the Mathematica Student Edition license they received while on campus to the latest professional version of Mathematica for at least 70% off the list price. This discount is good for up to one year after graduation, and requires proof of current (or recent) UVA student status. If interested, contact Wolfram for details.

Installation Instructions for Student Mathematica

  1. After purchasing your Mathematica Student license from the bookstore,  Go to UVaSoftware.
  2. Authenticate via NetBadge. You will be taken to the “Mathematica” page.
  3. Order Mathematica for Students by finding “UVA Mathematica Student Edition” and Clicking “Add to your cart”  Note: if you are not permitted to add Mathematica for Students to your cart and you purchased it from the Bookstore, please contact the textbook section of the UVa Bookstore. They can fix this problem for you.
  4. Click all the way through the ordering process until you Check Out and receive your “Order Summary”. The activation key will be written in small red characters on the left side.
  5. If you don’t already have one, get a Wolfram Research (WR) ID here: Note: Be sure to select “View content NOT delivered securely” if using IE and you are prompted for what content to display.
  6. Use your UVa email address as your Wolfram account. Ex. mst3k@virginia.eduYour UVa email account is used to authorize your account. You will receive an email from Wolfram asking you to validate your Wolfram ID. Click on the link in the email to validate your account.
  7. Once you are validated, go to Wolfram and log in to your account.
  8. Once logged in click the + Product button .
  9. When prompted in the + Product area, enter your activation key.
  10. Your product should now appear under Products.
  11. Download your copy of Mathematica and install it on your computer.
  12. Enter your activation key when prompted by Mathematica.
  13. Each July you will receive an email notification from Wolfram with instructions on how to renew  as long as you are a University of Virginia student.