Endangered Data Week (April 17-21)

Endangered Data Week Logo


The UVa Library is hosting a number of events as part of Endangered Data Week (April 17-21), a new, collaborative effort, coordinated across campuses, nonprofits, libraries, citizen science initiatives, and cultural heritage institutions, to shed light on public datasets that are in danger of being deleted, repressed, mishandled, or lost.

Below is the current list of events we are hosting at UVa for Endangered Data Week. No reservations are required, and light refreshments will be provided, so please join us if you can! Click here for more information.


  • Introduction to Libra Data (Dataverse at UVa) – Monday, April 17th 11am-noon, in Brown Library, Room 133.
  • Introduction to Git/Github – Tuesday, April 18th, noon-1:30pm, in Brown Library, Room 133.
  • Introduction to DocNow – Tuesday, April 18th, 2pm-4pm, in Alderman Library, Room 421.
  • Web Scraping with R – Wednesday, April 19th, 10:30am-noon, in Brown Library, Room 133.
  • Preserving Artifact and Architecture with Cultural Heritage Informatics – Friday, April 21st, 10:30am-11:30am, Location TBD.
  • Endangered Data Week webinar – Friday, April 21st, 1pm-2:30pm, in Brown Library, Room 133.

Within the UVa Library, these events are being hosted by Research Data Services and the Scholars’ Lab.

For more information about other Endangered Data Week events around the country and around the world, please visit the Endangered Data Week website.