CPS Utilities

CPS Utilities from Unicon Research Corporation provides search, documentation, and extraction software facilitating access the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Population Survey data. Users can download and install the software on a Windows computer or use CPS Utilities on the data computer in Brown Library, Room I-043.

Annual Social and Economic (March)

  • ASEC (March) Supplement, 1962-2013 (1.98 GB)
    This series, commonly known as the March supplement, contains the basic data as well as data on work experience, income sources and amounts, noncash benefits, health insurance, and migration.

Child Support & Alimony (April)

Education & School Enrollment (October)

  • Education & School Enrollment (October) Supplement, 1968-2013 (564 MB)
    This series contains the basic data as well as information on school enrollment that includes the following items: current grade attending at a public or private school, whether attending college full or part-time at a 2 or 4-year institution, year last attended a regular school, and graduated from high school. Some years also have questions about vocational schools, disabilities, language proficiency, and computer usage.

Voting & Registration (November)

Access Restrictions: U.Va. faculty, staff, and students for academic research.

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