Business, Market, and Consumers

United States

American Customer Satisfaction Index

  • Time period: 1995-present
  • Geographic coverage: US
  • Geographic unit(s): nation
  • Unit of observation: index by company, industry, and sector
  • The American Customer Satisfaction Index provides an index of customer satisfaction on 10 economic sectors, 45 industries, 225 companies, and 200 government services.

Bureau of Labor Statistics: Consumer Expenditure Surveys

  • Time period: 1972-present ; 1996-present (microdata online)
  • Geographic coverage: US
  • Geographic unit(s): msa, state, region, nation
  • Unit of observation: consumer units
  • The Consumer Expenditure Survey (CE) program, consists of the Quarterly Interview Survey and the Diary Survey, provide information on the buying habits of American consumers, including data on their expenditures, income, and consumer unit (families and single consumers) characteristics. Find aggregated tables and public-use microdata (PUMD) available in ASCII, SAS, STATA and SPSS formats.

ESRI: Consumer Spending

  • Time period: 2013-2014
  • Geographic coverage: United States
  • Geographic unit(s): block group, tract, county, state, place, ZIP code, congressional district and more
  • Unit of observation: total, average, index by products
  • Based on the Consumer Expenditure Surveys (CEX) from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this dataset contains information on the products and services that consumers purchase.

Euromonitor Passport

  • Time period: historic and forecast, mostly 2001-2021
  • Geographic coverage: international
  • Geographic unit(s): nation
  • Unit of observation: statistics by brand, company, industry and more
  • This database contains statistics and reports on more than 350 consumer product markets, including market size and market share. It also includes statistics on consumer trends and lifestyles, income and expenditures, and population for many countries. The search results can be downloaded in Excel and PDF files.

Infogroup Historical Business

  • Time period: 1997-2016
  • Geographic coverage: US
  • Geographic unit(s): city, county, state, ZIP code
  • Unit of observation: establishment
  • The Infogroup U.S. Historical Business collection contains data for more than 24 million businesses, including the business name, location, industry classification code, number of employees, and sales volume. Each establishment has a unique identifier to make year over year comparisons easier. Records have also been geocoded for use with GIS software.

Gallup Analytics

  • Time period: U.S. Dailies: 2008-present; World Poll: 2006-present; Gallup Brain: 1935-present
  • Geographic coverage: US, 160+ other countries
  • Geographic unit(s): nation, state, MSA
  • Unit of observation: statistics
  • Gallup Analytics offers economic, well-being, and political polling data collected daily in the US since 2008, and the data can be broken down by state or MSA.  There are several measures related to “Business and Economics.” Gallup also provides the World Poll, which captures economic, social, and well-being data for 160+ countries going back to 2006. Gallup Brain presents historical public opinion polling going back to 1935.

Hoover’s Online

  • Geographic coverage: international
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP/postal code, city, county, state, country
  • Unit of observation: company, individual
  • Hoover’s contains profiles and key financial data for more than 80 million public and private companies in North America. Build a list of companies based on location, industry, company size, financial information, and more. A list of people can also be built based on criteria such as age, salary and job function.

Mergent Intellect

  • Geographic coverage: US, Canada, international
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP code, MSA, city, county, state, country
  • Unit of observation: company, individual
  • Searchable database of US private and public businesses, Canadian private businesses, global businesses, industry segments, employers and jobs, as well as residents and demographics. Find company information, financial information, corporate “family tree” details, executive and people information, and more. Search by company, industry, people or job. Search results can be exported in CSV and XLS files.

Mergent Online

  • Geographic coverage: international
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP code, city, state, country
  • Unit of observation: company
  • Searchable database of US and international public (active and inactive) and private companies. Find company information, financial statements, annual reports, government filings, stock prices and more. Search by corporate information (e.g., country, number of employees, auditor), industry code, executives (e.g., name, age, education, salary), financials (e.g., assets, revenue, stockholders equity) and more. Users can compare and export company details and financial data to Excel.

National Historical Geographic Information System (NHGIS)

  • Time period: 1970-present
  • Geographic coverage: United States
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP code areas, county, state
  • Unit of observation: industry
  • The NHGIS, managed by the Minnesota Population Center, provides summary statistics and GIS boundary files for US censuses and other nationwide surveys such as County Business Patterns data. Use the Data Finder to extract and download data files.

Nielson Marketing Data

  • Time period: 2004-present (consumer); 2006-present (retail)
  • Geographic coverage: US
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP code, county, state, Nielson Scantrack Market code
  • Unit of observation: household; UPC
  • The Consumer Panel data includes information about product purchases made by a panel of consumer households across all retail outlets in all U.S. markets. The Retail Scanner Data consists of weekly purchase and pricing data generated from participating retail store point-of-sale systems in all U.S. markets. Access is limited to UVa tenure-line faculty and the Ph.D. students whom they advise.
  • To request access to the Nielsen data at the Kilts Center for Marketing, please complete the online code request form. After the administrator approves your request for a code, you will receive an email with your registration code and instructions for how to complete the process. The Kilts Center will review your project(s) and send you a final activation email along with steps for how to access the data.  If you are a PhD student, your advisor will be required to take action before you can be activated.  For questions or difficulties, please contact Kilts Center for Marketing or


  • Time period: mostly 2000-present
  • Geographic coverage: United States
  • Geographic unit(s): block group, tract, city, county, state, ZIP code, congressional district
  • Unit of observation: varied
  • PolicyMap is an online data and mapping tool that enables researchers to access data about communities and markets across the United States. It contains over 15,000 continuously updated datasets related to demographics, economy, health, education, quality of life and more. Find business and market information such as jobs and industries, small business and startups, food and grocery retail access, and business vacancy.


  • Time period: 2003-present
  • Geographic coverage: US and Canada
  • Geographic unit(s): ZIP codes, city, county, state, metro area
  • Unit of observation: company/individual
  • ReferenceUSA contains databases of US and Canadian businesses and residents, as well as US new businesses, jobs/internships, healthcare (physicians & dentists), consumers/lifestyles, and new movers/homeowners. Users can search and refine results based on company name, industry (NAICS or SIC), location, and a variety of business characteristics. Each record includes the company name, address, and phone number as well as information on number of employees, annual sales, facility size, and more.

Survey of Consumers

  • Time period: 1961-present
  • Geographic coverage: US
  • Geographic unit(s): nation
  • Unit of observation: index
  • The Survey of Consumers from the University of Michigan offers a long running index of consumer sentiment and expectations.  More in-depth data can be found on the main site.



Hoover’s Online

  • See above.

Mergent Intellect

  • See above.

Mergent Online

  • See above.


  • See above.


  • Time period: varies
  • Geographic coverage: International
  • Geographic unit(s): varies by source
  • UN Data is a portal for finding data from the UN, OECD, IMF, and more.  Databases related to Business and Market: Key Indicators of the Labour Market and Industrial Commodity Statistics.

World Bank Open Data

  • Geographic coverage: international
  • Geographic unit(s): city, country
  • Unit of observation: statistics; company (Enterprise Surveys)
  • World Bank Open Data provides free and open access to data in countries around the globe. Find business related statistics and data from databases and projects such as the Doing Business project, Enterprise Surveys, and Global Consumption Database.
Useful Books

New Strategist publications

  • Useful compilations of American consumer habits, such as household spending.  Some are organized by demographic generation.