Data Discovery and Access

Do you need help finding or accessing data for your research? Our Data Librarian can work with you to

  • search for and locate existing data sources,
  • access and use data sources, software tools, and online databases licensed by the Library,
  • understand data documentation and codebooks.

Contact our Data Librarian, Jenn Huck, at to schedule an appointment. Explore these pages to learn more about our data collections or visit our Data Sources Guide.

You may also be interested in:

  • Our UVA StatLab, where you can get expert guidance on data wrangling and processing, data visualization and analysis, statistical modeling and computational methods.
  • Our Research Data Management services, for support reviewing data management plans, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository, and preparing research data for end-of-project archiving.
  • Libra Data, UVA’s instance of Dataverse, where you can discover (and deposit) UVA datasets and other scholarly data. To learn more, contact
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