Fall 2017 Data Science Short Courses

The Library’s Research Data Services is offering a 1-credit data science course in Fall 2017 through the Data Science Institute: Data Wrangling and Exploration in R.

DS 6559-001 Data Wrangling and Exploration in R (1 credit, meets the first five weeks of the semester)
Clay Ford
T,R 12:30-1:45 from 8/22/2017-9/21/2017
New Cabell Hall 489

This course covers data exploration, cleaning, and manipulation in R. Topics include reading in/writing out data in various formats, R data structures, working with date/time data, character manipulation, using regular expressions in R, reshaping data, data transformations, data aggregation and basic data visualization to aid in data cleaning.

Next spring, we anticipate offering Data Wrangling in Python and a new hands-on Public Interest Data Lab.

To register search for Subject “DS” and Course Number “6559” or “5559” in SIS. Full-time employees of UVA can use their Education Benefit and register through the Community Scholar Program.