Data Science Sponsored Courses

The Library’s Research Data Services will be offering 1-credit short courses again this spring in partnership with the Data Science Institute: Data Wrangling in R and Applied Causal Inference. The graduate-level short courses meet for 5 weeks, and are designed to provide some focused, hands-on training on different topics and tools; researchers from any discipline are welcome to join in the fun. DSI is also partnering with the School of Architecture to open the 3-credit Data Visualization course to a broader audience.

DS 6559-001 Data Wrangling in R (1 credit, meets the first five weeks of the semester)

Clay Ford
T,R 12:30-1:45 from 1/21/2016-2/23/2016
New Cabell Hall 303

This course covers data cleaning and data manipulation in R. Topics include reading in/writing out data in various formats, R data structures, working with date/time data, character manipulation, using regular expressions in R, reshaping data, data transformations, data aggregation and basic data visualization to aid in data cleaning.

DS 6559-002 Applied Causal Inference (1 credit, meets the second five weeks of the semester)
Michele Claibourn
T,R 12:30-1:45 from 2/25/2016-4/5/2016
New Cabell Hall 303

This course examines approaches to causal inference using the potential outcomes framework. Methods covered will include matching, difference-in-difference, regression discontinuity, and instrumental variables, . The course will be a mix of lectures, discussion, and application examples in R and will emphasize understanding the approaches conceptually and implementing them computationally.

SARC 5400-001 Data Visualization
Eric Field
Days/Times/Location TBA

This is a course about information and data visualization. We live in a world rich with information. This course teaches visual and spatial thinking coupled with data analysis tools and custom web-enabled programming to construct and envision information. To find and even invent approaches toward seeing into complex problems, we will study, and make, useful, compelling and beautiful tools to see.

To register search for Subject “DS” and Course Number “6559” in SIS. Full-time employees of UVA can use their Education Benefit and register through the Community Scholar Program.