2017-18 StatLab Fellows

The UVA Library’s Research Data Services is seeking StatLab Fellows for the 2017-2018 academic year. Responding to growing interest in applied data science experience along with a developing movement to use data and data science for the public interest, the program provides up to four UVA graduate students experience working collaboratively, openly, and reproducibly on data science projects — for example, working with local agencies to understand their data and improve processes, or working with news data to help citizens better navigate a complex media environment. The goal is to provide graduate students with an opportunity to enhance their data skills and to gain experience working as a team on a joint project while promoting social good.

Program Description
The StatLab provides consultation, training, and support around data analysis and statistical methods, and data wrangling and visualization. Research across the social, natural, engineering, and data sciences increasingly draws upon sophisticated research designs, complex statistical methods, and computational power to draw inferences about the world around us. The StatLab sees its mission as both contributing to and assisting with a wide portfolio of quantitative research and Fellows will have the opportunity to contribute to academic consulting, as well, providing exposure to a variety of designs, challenges, and methods across disciplines.

Fellows will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of methods and data analysis tools by: working collaboratively on a project, writing and blogging about their work, consulting and working with researchers across disciplinary boundaries, and presenting their own work to a diverse audience.

Fellowship Details
StatLab Fellows are expected to work between 5-10 hours per week in the fall and spring semesters and will be paid $20/hour (to provide some flexibility and accommodate variable schedules across the semester). Fellows should be available for a Friday noon meeting most weeks, and will:

  • contribute intellectually and methodologically to a collaborative project in public and reproducible ways;
  • expand or deepen their methodological knowledge and skills;
  • write blog posts about the project and their work;
  • contribute to consultations and collaborations with researchers seeking help from the StatLab on ocassion;
  • and advance and present their own research projects.

Applicants should have completed at least two methods courses before applying and have experience in a statistical software environment such as R or Stata or in a computing environment such as Python. We encourage applications from women, people of color, LGBT students, first-generation college students and other under-represented groups.

How to Apply
Send a CV and cover letter by April 17 outlining:

  • your research interests;
  • your experience with data analysis, statistical methods, data wrangling, and visualization;
  • the skills you expect to bring to a collaborative project;
  • and a summary of what you hope to gain as a StatLab fellow.

Email a complete application package to Michele Claibourn, mclaibourn@virginia.edu. Questions about the StatLab Fellowship and the application process should also be directed to Michele Claibourn. You can learn more about the StatLab at our website.