What is QuestionPro?

Note: QuestionPro will be discontinued at UVa by October 2017. Qualtrics will be the supported replacement survey research tool. Qualtrics provides a state-of-the-art  suite of research tools that is powerful, easy to learn and use, and is used by many of our peer institutions. Please visit our Qualtrics page to find out more about Qualtrics.

Going forward

ITS asks that from now on you conduct all future surveys using Qualtrics. Information about Qualtrics and how to set up an account can be found at

If you need to retain your QuestionPro survey and/or survey results, you will need to export the data from QuestionPro. For how-to information, see below.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email 

Help with Exporting Data from QuestionPro

·         Raw Data Export –

·         Charts & Analytics Export –

·         Statistical Package Export (SPSS) –

·         SQL Export Data File –

·         Image/Multimedia Export –

·         XML Data Export –