MATLAB for Students

What is MATLAB?

The MATLAB high-performance language for technical computing integrates computation, visualization, and programming in an easy-to-use environment where problems and solutions are expressed in familiar mathematical notation.

MATLAB Availability

MATLAB is available on the Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux platforms.

Student version: Students who require MATLAB for courses should purchase and install a personal copy from the UVa Bookstore Textbook Division.  While MATLAB is available on the UVa Hive, there are a limited number of licenses available for use at any given time. Students cannot expect to utilize the UVa Hive version of MATLAB sufficiently during high demand periods or over a wireless connection while in class.
Information on how to obtain the student version of MATLAB is available at the UVa Software Gateway. Students may also access this program in the computers within the libraries.

Please note: Matlab requires a new key every year, which is available from the bookstore.

MATLAB Toolboxes

Student version: MATLAB toolboxes are available as noted in the table below as part of the standard configuration in the student download of MATLAB. No additional toolboxes may be purchased for the student version.

MATLAB Toolbox Students: Standard Configuration
Bioinformatics Available
MATLAB Compiler Not Available
Communications Not Available
Communications Blockset Not Available
Control System Available
Curve Fitting Available
Data Acquisition Toolbox Available
Distributed Computing Toolbox Not Available
Distributed Computing Engine Not Available
DSP System Toolbox Available
Financial Not Available
Genetic Algorithm/Direct Search Not Available
Image Processing Available
Instrument Control Available
Neural Network Not Available
Optimization Available
Parallel Computing Toolbox Available
Robust Control Not Available
Signal Processing Available
Signal Processing Blockset Not Available
Simulink Available
Simulink Control Design Available
Simulink Response Optimization Not Available
SimMechanics Available
Simscape Available
Stateflow Available
Statistics Available
Symbolic Math Available
System Identification Not Available
Wavelet Not Available

MATLAB Installation Instructions for Students

Students must purchase the license key for MATLAB for their personal computers from the Textbook Division of the UVa Bookstore, 4th floor, Central Grounds Parking Garage on Emmet Street.

Steps for New Student Installations

1.  Create a new MathWorks account, or log in if you already have one:
— Go to and create a new account.
— Complete and submit the Create a MathWorks Account form:
— Be sure to use your UVa email address (e.g., in completing the account form. The email address you provide must end with the @ (at) symbol and “”. So will not work, but will.

2.  Under Software Usage, choose “Student Use“.
Create license association:
— Go to the MathWorks website and log into your MathWorks Account.
— On the Main Account page, click Manage Licenses.
— On the Licenses page, click Add License.
— In the Add License dialog box, select the Activation Key option and click Continue.
— Paste in the Activation Key you received from the UVa Bookstore and click Continue.

3.    Download the software:
— On the Main Account page, click Manage Licenses.
— On the Licenses page, select Total Academic Headcount Student license.
— In the License Details tab, click Download Products to download the program.

4.  Run the installer:
Windows: Double-click the setup.exe file. If you have access to the product DVD, the installer starts automatically when you insert the DVD into the DVD drive connected to your computer.
Macintosh: Double-click the InstallForMacOSX file.
— Choose to install automatically using the Internet and click Next.
— Review the software license agreement and click Next.
— Log into your MathWorks Account, specifying your University email address and password, and click Next.
— After you click Next, the installer displays the Email Verification Required dialog box. You must verify your email address before you can proceed with installation. Go to your email program, open the message sent to you by MathWorks, and click the verification link. Then return to the installation process and click Next to continue.
— Specify the license you want to install in the License Selection dialog box.
— Select the Typical option in the Installation Type dialog box. This ensures that all products on the TAH Campus license get installed.
— Specify the folder in which you want to install the software in the Installation Folder dialog box and click Next.
— Confirm your choices and click Install.
— When the MathWorks installer finishes, it displays the Installation Complete dialog box. In this dialog box, you can choose to activate the software you just installed. You cannot use the software until you activate it. To proceed with activation, leave the option selected and click Next.

5.  Activate the software:
— In the MathWorks Software Activation dialog box, click Next.
— Specify the Activation Key in the Activation Key dialog box and click Next.
— Confirm your activation information in the Confirmation dialog box and click Activate to activate the software.
— Complete the activation process by clicking Finish in the Activation Complete dialog box.

If you have questions or need assistance, please email Research Software Support at