Bill Corey

Bill has been working for the University of Virginia for 25 years, the last 13 for the University Library. Over the years, he has supported the research process primarily through central support operations in Clemons Library, LEO, management of the Ivy Annex, the Google Book Project, the Ivy Stacks Retrofit Project, and the Data Management Consulting Group. He is now focused on how technology is changing libraries and the research process, and is working on research data management issues. He has a certification in Foundations in Intellectual Property Management and Leadership, has completed the WIPO Advanced Course on Copyright and Related Rights, the WIPO Advanced Course on Intellectual Property Management, the WIPO Collective Management of Copyright and Related Rights course, and several Microsoft SharePoint 2010 courses.  He has a BA in Philosophy, and a MS in Library and Information Studies.

Areas of focus: open access, intellectual property, data ownership, copyright, data access and sharing policies, research software, and data repositories.