Fall 2017 Data Science Short Courses

The Library’s Research Data Services is offering 1-credit data science courses in Fall 2017 through the Data Science Institute: Data Wrangling and Exploration in R and a Public Interest Data Lab.

DS 6559-001 Data Wrangling and Exploration in R (1 credit, meets the first five weeks of the semester)
Clay Ford
T,R 12:30-1:45 from 8/22/2017-9/21/2017
New Cabell Hall 489

This course covers data exploration, cleaning, and manipulation in R. Topics include reading in/writing out data in various formats, R data structures, working with date/time data, character manipulation, using regular expressions in R, reshaping data, data transformations, data aggregation and basic data visualization to aid in data cleaning.

DS 5559-001 Public Interest Data Lab (1 credit, meets the first ten weeks of the semester)
Michele Claibourn
F 11:00-1:00 from 8/25/2017-11/3/2017 (no meeting on 9/29)
Clark Hall, Brown Library, Room 148

The lab course will provide experience working collaboratively, openly, and reproducibly on data science projects organized by the lab director — for example, working with local agencies to understand their data and improve processes, working with news data to help citizens better navigate a complex media environment. The goal is to provide students with an opportunity to enhance their data skills and to gain experience working as a team on a joint project while promoting social good.

To register search for Subject “DS” and Course Number “6559” or “5559” in SIS. Full-time employees of UVA can use their Education Benefit and register through the Community Scholar Program.