Research Data Management

The Research Data Management team is ready to consult on how to locate, collect, document, organize, store, and preserve your research data throughout your research project. We can help you to understand and meet funder requirements, including assistance in drafting and reviewing data management plans, selecting appropriate active data storage, choosing a repository, and preparing research data for end-of-project archiving. Come by or email us to talk about best practices to insure your research data will continue to be available when you and others need it in the future.

Looking for additional information? Want to know about changes to the DMPTool, or what funders requirements are?  We now have a new Research Guide Research Data Management which has the most current information available.  We now cover NSF, NIH, NEH, DOT, IES, DOE, and NOAA.

Research Data Life Cycle




The DMPTool has made several smallish changes to the tool in the last two weeks (October 2016):

  • Privacy Policy/Terms of Use. They updated the privacy policy and terms of use, rolling them into a single, easy-to-read-and-understand package. There were no changes to the policy itself; rather they wanted to make the terms transparent to users, bring the policy language in line with DMPonline, and lay a foundation for exposing more usage data to institutional administrators. This also helps pave the way for machine-actionable DMPs.
  • Plan visibility settings. They made some related changes to revise language within the tool about plan visibility settings (see screenshots in the DMPTool section of the research guide). Note that plans are no longer “private” by default. They are now asking users to choose a visibility setting at the beginning of the plan creation process. They will also be asked to confirm their choice at the end.
  • The Quick Start Guide and other portions of the Help menu have been updated to reflect these changes.