Research Data Services offers consultation and training in acquiring, collecting, analyzing, visualizing, sharing, and preserving research data. Email us at researchdataservices@virginia.edu or explore below to learn more about our services.

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Data Discovery & Acquisition

  • Search and discovery for existing data sources
  • Data licensing and acquisition for academic research and teaching
  • Contact: durrant@virginia.edu

StatLab: Data Analysis & Statistics

  • Consultation and training on data analysis and statistical methods
  • Guidance using statistical software for data analysis, visualization, and processing
  • Contact: statlab@virginia.edu

Data Management, Documentation & Archiving


Research Software Support

  • Accessing and installing University site-licensed software
  • Titles include: SPSS, SAS, Ansys, LabView, Matlab, NVivo, and others
  • Contact: res-consult@virginia.edu

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