At Research Data Services, researchers across disciplines benefit from expert consultation and training in acquiring, collecting, wrangling, analyzing, visualizing, sharing, and preserving research data. Our data professionals, in collaboration with our research librarians, work to advance data science, using data to answer scientific questions, making analysis reproducible, and promoting open data to enable long-term discovery and knowledge.


The Social, Natural, & Engineering Science team supports the research needs across scientific disciplines, from finding materials and managing information, to understanding the changing scholarly landscape and promoting information literacy. Information experts, together with our data team, work with students and faculty to enhance their scholarship and navigate resources across the University.

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Data Analysis, Visualization & Computation
StatLab: Support for data science and applied statistics — data wrangling, analysis, visualization, statistical inference and computational methods — via workshops and individual consultations and collaborations. rdsWordCloud Guidance on data tools and technologies like R, Python, Stata, SPSS, SAS, and more. Contact: statlab@virginia.edu
Data Resources & Services
Data Discovery & Acquisition: Search and discovery for existing data sources and licensing and acquisition of data for academic research and teaching. Contact: data@virginia.edu Research Data Management: Support for data management and data sharing plans, guidance on selecting a data repository, and consulting on the preparation, documentation, organization and formatting of data for sharing and archiving. Contact: dmconsult@virginia.edu Research Software: Accessing and installing University site-licensed software, including SPSS, SAS, Ansys, Labview, Matlab and others. Contact: res-consult@virginia.edu
Social, Natural, & Engineering Sciences
Teaching and Instruction: Collaborating with faculty to incorporate Library resources into courses and provide instruction to classes. Research Support: Consulting with researchers on reference management tools, journal impact factors, altmetrics, locating articles and books, copyright, open access, citation manuals and style, and more. Have a question? Find your subject liaison

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